Product Details

Product Code SLIXVHH
Conformance EN 358
Materials Polyester Webbing | Steel Connectors
Life Span 10 years
Service Inspection
Max Load 400kg

Supporting Documents

Spec Sheet: SLIX Lifting Bridles (SLIXVHH) 0.48 MB

Add Ons

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SLIX Rollable Rescue Stretcher

SLIX100 is flexible, robust, and always ready for action. This truly versatile rescue device is designed to take on real-world challenges. SLIX is for those who respect safety and efficiency in equal measure.

  • Roll & Go: Whether you need it narrow or long, this stretcher rolls both ways to make transport a breeze.
  • Smooth Operator: No webbing underneath means zero drag. Glide across any surface without worrying about damage.
  • All Hands: Multiple strong handles allow a team effort in rescue situations, making sure you're never left in a lurch.
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Rolltop Carry Bag for SLIX100

Convenience meets performance in this must-have accessory that provides an extra layer of protection against the elements, securing your gear like no other. The shoulder straps make carrying the SLIX100 a breeze, whether you're heading to a training session or a rescue operation.

  • Designed Specifically to store and carry SLIX100
  • Rolltop Design
  • Convenient Shoulder Straps
  • Handy Front Pocket
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Rescue Tripod RT3

The RT3 Tripod is the epitome of adaptability in confined space and rescue operations with multiple anchor points for a variety of setup options.

  • Six Anchor Points: Where fail-safe is the name of the game
  • Versatile Eyebolts: 360-degree swivel. All underslung under the tripod head for easy access
  • Telescopic Legs: Versatility when you need it most
  • Casualty-Friendly: Making every rescue a smoother operation
  • Detachable Legs: Transportation made easy with the RT3 Tripod

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