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RESQ RED Pro X Original

RED PRO X is robust, intuitive, and seriously efficient. RPX provides quick and safe rescue and evacuation operations. Its user-friendly interface connects seamlessly with universal power tools for heavy lifting. Minimal training requirements allow you to save on the cost of keeping your team certified. All this rescue gear is vacuum-packed into a singular, fail-proof box.

  • Heavy Lifting: Lifts up to 140 kg over 255 meters.
  • Rainproof: Sealed brake housing to withstand wet weather conditions.
  • Tool-Friendly: Universal power tool interface to get the heavy lifting done.
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RESQ Smartline X

Smartline X is the world's most compact personal evacuation device that punches way above its weight. This simple-to-use device employs an Aramide line for durability and features cooling plates that ensure safe, effective performance even under intense conditions. This little lifesaver is certified and always ready for action straight from your harness.

  • Featherlight Powerhouse: Compact device that supports up to 140 kg.
  • On-the-Go: Easily attaches to your harness. Safety that moves with you.
  • Cool Under Pressure: Built-in cooling plates prevent overheating.
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2 Way Locking Rescue System

  • Rope Compatibility: Designed exclusively for 11mm EN1891-A ropes.
  • Over-Speed Brake: Built-in brake that locks upon detecting a fall.
  • Becket Eye: Load-rated for use in combination with Prusik Pulleys.
  • Working Length: Generous 15m range.
  • Maintenance: 12-month service interval.
  • Compliance: CE 0120 & ANSI Z359 :4: 2007 certified.
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Vertical Work & Rescue System

  • Versatility: Designed for both vertical work and rescue applications.
  • Certification: Only CE certified products are included in this package.
  • Rope Length: Generous 15m working length to suit a range of scenarios.
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Vertical Rescue System

  • Solo Rescue Operations: Specifically designed for unassisted rescues.
  • Rope Compatibility: Works seamlessly with 11mm EN1891-A ropes.
  • Pulley Material: Sturdy Aluminium complying with EN12278 standards.
  • Working Length: A generous 15m for maximum flexibility.
  • Harness Compatibility: Connects to both front and rear harness attachment points.
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Ladder Rescue Kit

The ladder kit provides a rescue function, allowing simple lowering of a casualty in case of emergency. The length of rope can be varied

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MEWP Rescue Kit

When you're working on a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP), you want to know that safety is just an arm's length away. Introducing the complete rescue solution that’s as straightforward as it is secure.

  • One-Handed Rope Adjustment: Simple and precise rope length control.
  • All-in-One: Comes with carabiners, sling, ladder, and a vibrant orange kit bag.
  • Short Ladder Included: Makes getting out of the bucket a breeze.
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Pole Top Rescue Kit

This kit includes a feature for one-handed rope adjustment for an efficient and secure rescue process. The protective sling is designed to prevent damage from the pole.

  • One-Handed Rope Adjustment: Precision length control, hassle-free.
  • ️Safety Shears Included: For extra assurance during rescue scenarios.
  • Robust Components: Everything you need, right at your fingertips.
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Tower Rescue Kit

The Tower Top Rescue Kit enables safe, quick and efficient tower rescues. When every second counts, this is the kit that matters.

  • Large Pear-Shaped Carabiner: Maximum compatibility with tower sections.
  • Self-Retracting Safety Knife: To prevent accidental cuts.
  • One-Handed Rope Adjustment: Custom-length your rope in a snap.
  • Multi-Certified Device: Approved for descent, work positioning, and fall arrest.
  • PVC Roll-Top Bag: Durable and waterproof.