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Exosphere Anchor

The Exosphere Anchor System is an innovative versatile mobile davit system for height workers. This system is available with a range of customisable options. Please contact the team to discuss your project requirements.

  • Full Rotation: 360°/180° flexibility for optimum operation.
  • Multi-User: Can accommodate 2 users at a time.
  • All-In-One: From Anchor Arms to a Hydraulic Lifting Device, this mobile davit is fully customisable and all-inclusive.
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Exosphere Anchor 4x4

With wireless control, you can adjust anchor heights and setup configurations all at the touch of a button. No hassle, just streamlined efficiency. Please contact the team to discuss your project requirements.

  • Remote-Controlled: Wireless or wired control options.
  • Towering Height: Adjustable up to 12.8m.
  • 4-Stage Telescopic Mast: Height customization at your fingertips.
  • Multi-User: 1 to 4-person anchor options.
  • Safety First: Strobe lights, alarm, and emergency stops built-in.
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Tuff Steps

Whether you're scaling a rail embankment or navigating levels on a construction site, Tuff Steps has you covered.

  • Heavy-Duty Tread: Avoid slips and trips. Optional handrail is also available.
  • Open Design: Ice, snow, mud? Not an issue.
  • High Load Capacity: Supports up to 250kg per section
  • Versatile: Connect multiple steps as far as you need to climb.
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Single Flexi Ladder

  • No Limits: From construction sites to rescue ops, the Single Flexi Ladder is as versatile as they come.
  • Ready When You Are: Simply unroll, set it up, and you're good to go. No fuss.
  • Instant Setup: Unrolls and connects in a snap.
  • Modular Design: 10ft sections, connect up to 20 safely.
  • Robust Materials: 43mm webbing and LDPE step inserts.
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Double Flexi Ladder

  • Pack & Go: With its compact sections, the Flexi Ladder is as portable as they come.
  • Flexibility First: Comes in 10ft sections - connect up to 20!
  • Heavy-duty Design: Max user weight of 250KG.
  • Material: 43mm Webbing with LDPE Step Inserts.
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Double Flexi Ladder Hanger

  • Complete Connectivity: Comes with Karabiner connectors to snugly secure a Double Flexi Ladder.
  • No-Nonsense: This item is built to fix the Double Flex Ladder to an elevated anchor point.