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SLIX Rollable Rescue Stretcher

SLIX100 is flexible, robust, and always ready for action. This truly versatile rescue device is designed to take on real-world challenges. SLIX is for those who respect safety and efficiency in equal measure.

  • Roll & Go: Whether you need it narrow or long, this stretcher rolls both ways to make transport a breeze.
  • Smooth Operator: No webbing underneath means zero drag. Glide across any surface without worrying about damage.
  • All Hands: Multiple strong handles allow a team effort in rescue situations, making sure you're never left in a lurch.
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SLIX Rollable Rescue Stretcher for Bariatrics

When it comes to saving lives, one size does not fit all. The SLIX100XL is a game-changer in rescue operations. Designed to offer versatility, strength, and sensitivity.

  • Heavy Duty: With a 400KG max user weight, this device is designed to carry and protect clinically obese persons.
  • Options: Ability to widen the stretcher with 200mm extensions.
  • Tough Yet Tender: The robust build provides a drag-resistant design to ensure movement with minimum effort across any surface.
  • Teamwork: Strong handles allow multiple rescuers to assist with each maneuver.
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SLIX 50 COM Arms Out Stretcher

This SLIX "Arms Out" stretcher might sound unconventional, but it provides optimal care for patients in difficult confined spaces.

  • Made for Tight Spots: Designed for rescues in confined spaces where flexibility and finesse are key.
  • Articulated Skirt: For more bend in awkward spaces remove the articulated skirt. When in place, it offers upper leg protection and the agility to navigate tight turns.
  • Pick Your Angle: With hauling points on the top and sides, you have the flexibility to move the stretcher in multiple orientations. The side points keep the stretcher semi-horizontal, offering more control during operations.
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SLIX Spinal Splint

Secure. Versatile. Portable. This is the streamlined spinal solution you've been waiting for.

  • Protection: Padded Head Pocket & Back Pad
  • Compatibility: Use with Standard Cervical Collars
  • Secure Comfort: Unique, Adjustable Lumbar Pad and Crutch Straps
  • Versatile: Ultra-Slim Design for Drag Rescues
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SLIX Rapid Response Stretcher

In emergency situations, every second counts. A lightweight, easy-to-handle stretcher can make all the difference.

  • Lightweight: When you need to move quickly in an emergency and your stretcher weighs less than your weekly big shop. That's SLIXRR.
  • No Snags: Drag it across floors, pull it up embankments, or slide it through narrow corridors. The low-friction skin protects your casualty and makes sure you never miss a beat.
  • Handle It: Each of the six easy-grip carry handles are user-replaceable.
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SLIX Half Stretcher

In emergencies, every second counts. Make SLIX Half Stretcher is your rapid and relaile go-to stretcher for quick and efficient patient transport.

  • Secure Comfort: 'Arms Out' Design, Head Pocket and Groin Straps
  • Applications: Emergency Response, Search and Rescue, or Medical Transport
  • Safety: Reinforced Head End Eyelet for Added Security
  • Robust & Rapid: Low Friction Skin for Smooth Movement
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RESQ Smartline X

Smartline X is the world's most compact personal evacuation device that punches way above its weight. This simple-to-use device employs an Aramide line for durability and features cooling plates that ensure safe, effective performance even under intense conditions. This little lifesaver is certified and always ready for action straight from your harness.

  • Featherlight Powerhouse: Compact device that supports up to 140 kg.
  • On-the-Go: Easily attaches to your harness. Safety that moves with you.
  • Cool Under Pressure: Built-in cooling plates prevent overheating.
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RESQ RED Pro X Original

RED PRO X is robust, intuitive, and seriously efficient. RPX provides quick and safe rescue and evacuation operations. Its user-friendly interface connects seamlessly with universal power tools for heavy lifting. Minimal training requirements allow you to save on the cost of keeping your team certified. All this rescue gear is vacuum-packed into a singular, fail-proof box.

  • Heavy Lifting: Lifts up to 140 kg over 255 meters.
  • Rainproof: Sealed brake housing to withstand wet weather conditions.
  • Tool-Friendly: Universal power tool interface to get the heavy lifting done.
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Vertical Work & Rescue System

  • Versatility: Designed for both vertical work and rescue applications.
  • Certification: Only CE certified products are included in this package.
  • Rope Length: Generous 15m working length to suit a range of scenarios.
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2 Way Locking Rescue System

  • Rope Compatibility: Designed exclusively for 11mm EN1891-A ropes.
  • Over-Speed Brake: Built-in brake that locks upon detecting a fall.
  • Becket Eye: Load-rated for use in combination with Prusik Pulleys.
  • Working Length: Generous 15m range.
  • Maintenance: 12-month service interval.
  • Compliance: CE 0120 & ANSI Z359 :4: 2007 certified.