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TORQ: 6M Retractable Fall Arrester

  • Mobility: The retracting steel cable and swivel anchor eye provide the freedom to move but the security to stay grounded.
  • Fall Arrest Device: Gravity won't catch you off guard. Should a fall occur, the brake mechanism instantly engages, allowing you to descend with controlled force.
  • Dynamic Line: 5mm Galvanised Steel Cable.
  • Durable Shell: Tough plastic housing.
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TORQ: 10M Retractable Fall Arrester

  • Smooth: The swivel anchor eye streamlines the connect/disconnect process
  • Ultra-Sturdy Line: 5mm Galvanized Steel Cable
  • Foolproof Anchoring: Swivel anchor eye on top
  • Rugged Protection: Durable plastic housing
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TORQ: 15M Retractable Fall Arrester

  • Safe Working At Height: With the TORQ 15M, you're free to work at height within a 15 meters radius, reassuringly anchored for safety.
  • Dependable: Should the unexpected happen, the advanced TORQ brake system engages, arresting your fall with a controlled deceleration. Safely easing you to a complete stop.
  • A Cut Above: 15m x 5mm Galvanized Steel Cable.
  • On Point Anchoring: Swivel anchor eye on top for flexibility.
  • User-Weight: Max Recommended User Weight: 150KG.
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TORQ: 20M Retractable Fall Arrester

  • Safer Working: Focus on the job, not the drop. TORQ Fall Arrest Devices provide workers with confidence at height.
  • Smooth: No more tugs and pulls. The retractable line moves with you, offering freedom of movement.
  • Extended Workspace: Thanks to 20 metres of retractable cable.
  • Anchored: The swivel anchor eye keeps you correctly oriented, even during complex tasks.
  • Peace of Mind: Brake mechanism for fall arrest should a fall occur.
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18M Fall Arrest / Auto Descender

  • Move Freely: The retractable design offers mobility without compromise.
  • Lightning-Fast Arrest: Locks within the EN360 standard limit of 6kN.
  • Descend With Ease: After an arrested fall, this device doesn't leave you hanging. The auto-descent feature kicks in, lowering you up to 18m at approximately 0.9m/sec.
  • High-Quality: Galvanized steel cable, housed in robust aluminum.
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30M Retractable Fall Arrester

  • Extended Reach: A generous 30m cable for high-scale projects.
  • Versatile Mounting: Vertical or horizontal? All you need is a suitable anchor point, and you're good to go.
  • Automatic Retraction: The cable retracts all by itself, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
  • Reliable Material: Durable, galvanized steel cable