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SLIX 50 COM Arms Out Stretcher

This SLIX "Arms Out" stretcher might sound unconventional, but it provides optimal care for patients in difficult confined spaces.

  • Made for Tight Spots: Designed for rescues in confined spaces where flexibility and finesse are key.
  • Articulated Skirt: For more bend in awkward spaces remove the articulated skirt. When in place, it offers upper leg protection and the agility to navigate tight turns.
  • Pick Your Angle: With hauling points on the top and sides, you have the flexibility to move the stretcher in multiple orientations. The side points keep the stretcher semi-horizontal, offering more control during operations.
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SLIX Spinal Splint

Secure. Versatile. Portable. This is the streamlined spinal solution you've been waiting for.

  • Protection: Padded Head Pocket & Back Pad
  • Compatibility: Use with Standard Cervical Collars
  • Secure Comfort: Unique, Adjustable Lumbar Pad and Crutch Straps
  • Versatile: Ultra-Slim Design for Drag Rescues
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Spinal Splint

In high-stress scenarios, color-coded velcro straps minimise confusion and maximise effectiveness.

  • Ultimate Spinal Fixation: Advanced technology for immobilising and securing the spine.
  • Head Security: Two Velcro straps ensure a safe and snug head fixation.
  • Color-Coded Confidence: Easily identifiable body trunk straps for quick application.
  • Vertical Lift Ready: Two specialized hip straps make vertical transport a breeze.
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Spinal Splint with Floatation Aid

A simple yet incredibly effective duo for clinical water rescues. The magic is in the removable flotation insert that attaches securely with velcro strips.

  • Spinal Expertise: Advanced extrication spinal fixation for land and water operations.
  • Water-Ready: Removable flotation insert for aquatic evacuations.
  • Quick-Connect Comfort: Velcro strips make adding or removing the flotation insert a snap.
  • Head Security: Two Velcro straps ensure a perfect head lock-in.
  • Smart Strapping: Colour-coded clasps for body trunk and hip straps simplify use.