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Lanyard Elastic Loop Karabiner

Crafted from high-strength polyester, this lanyard features an elastic strap designed to absorb energy, enhancing the user's comfort during movement. The elasticity of the lanyard allows for a dynamic work environment, stretching from a minimum length of 1m to a maximum length of 1.6m, offering both flexibility and a wide range of motion without compromising safety.

Equipped with a noose at one end and a lockable snap hook made from durable stainless steel (AISI 304) at the other, this lanyard ensures a secure and reliable connection to your safety harness and tools. The hook is compatible with a variety of attachment points, while the lock mechanism prevents accidental disengagement.

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Lanyard Elastic Two Karabiners

Crafted from a durable polyester strap, this lanyard incorporates an elastic energy-dampening function, designed to minimise the the risk of equipment damage. The elasticity also provides significant flexibility, enabling free movement and efficiency in completing tasks at various distances.

At each end of the lanyard, lockable swivel snap hooks made of lightweight aluminium ensure a secure connection to your harness and tools. The hooks feature a generous 12mm opening. These aluminium hooks are not only strong but also resist corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance in diverse working environments. Despite its lightweight, it can safely support a maximum load of 4kg, making it suitable for a wide array of tools and devices that may be required when working at height.

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Spiral Wire - Three Set Kit

Discover the reliability and efficiency of the Spiral Wire - Three Set Kit, featuring a spiral wire made from acid-proof stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and resistance against corrosive elements. The spiral wire is encased in a protective plastic cover, offering an additional layer of safety and extending the product's lifespan. The inclusion of stainless steel snap hooks with screw locks emphasises the attention to detail, providing a secure connection that you can trust.

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Tool Holder with D-Ring

This tool holder is designed for professionals who demand confidence in their equipment. It features a universal mounting system that can be effortlessly snared to any tool, ensuring your gear is always within reach and securely attached.

Crafted from a durable polyester cord measuring 4 mm in diameter, coupled with an acid-proof stainless steel D-ring, this product is built to withstand the rigours of daily use in any environment. Despite its lightweight, it boasts a remarkable maximum load capacity of 4 kg, suitable for various tools and equipment.

Trust the Tool Holder with D-Ring to keep your tools secure and your focus sharp.

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Tool Tether Set with Ropes

Keep your tools close with the Tool Tether Set with Ropes, a solution designed to ensure the security and accessibility of your tools while working at heights.

This strap is complemented by aluminium snap hooks on both ends, offering a secure and easy attachment to your belt, harness, or any stationary object.

Included in the set are three polyester fixing cords, each featuring a robust, acid-proof stainless steel D-ring at one end. These cords are designed to attach various tools to the elastic strap, ensuring that everything from hammers to power drills remains tethered and within reach.

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Wrist Strap Swivel Snap Hook

This quality tool lanyard features a slim, flexible wrist strap with Velcro fastening, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for all-day wear. The swivel twist-lock aluminium snap hook is engineered to prevent tangling, designed for quick and reliable access to tools. The hook opening of 12mm accommodates a wide range of tools, while the adjustable length allows for versatility and ease of use across various tasks.

Embrace confidence and professionalism with every use, knowing that this tool lanyard is designed to keep you and your tools securely connected, no matter the job's demands. The Wrist Strap Swivel Snap Hook maintains a safe and efficient workflow.