At Abtech Safety, our mission goes beyond supplying safety solutions – we care about empowering workers to excel in environments of elevated risks. Established in 1991, our unwavering commitment revolves around safeguarding those working at heights and within confined spaces. We exist to enable a world where safety isn't a compromise but a fundamental expectation.

Mitigating Risks

We comprehend the challenges inherent in high-risk workplaces. We pledge to mitigate these risks, ensuring every worker returns home unharmed after their shift. We recognise that behind every safety requirement is a person, a family, and a future. When workers are required to venture into hazardous spaces, we aim to instil confidence, reassuring them with equipment and solutions expressly designed for their well-being and protection.

Dependable Solutions

Working at heights or within confined spaces presents an array of complexities. Our objective is to confront these challenges with dependable, top-tier safety solutions. In order to understand the ever-evolving nature of these precarious work environments, Abtech Safety extends beyond equipment supply; we cultivate partnerships. As part of Cresto Alliance, we operate within a network of like-minded safety companies. Our MD is well-connected within the industry and actively campaigns to improve safety standards. We also regularly check in with our extensive distribution network to help improve our solutions and services. This collaborative approach provides invaluable insights, allowing us to tailor our solutions to meet the demands of the industries we proudly serve.

Safer, Together

We envision a future where all height and confined space workers execute their duties with minimal risk; where worksites are secure and workers are shielded. To us, safety isn't just a harness, a lanyard, or an anchor point; it's a commitment. A commitment to care, innovate and safeguard lives through our dedication to excellence.



Ian Jones

UK Group Managing Director

Meet Ian Jones, the visionary founder of Abtech Safety, with extensive expertise in Category III PPE. He chairs the Work At Height Safety Association (WAHSA), influencing industry standards and best practices. His dedication doesn't stop there; he's also a valuable member of the PH/5 Committee, where he represents British Standards in European Standards (EN). Ian's extensive knowledge and leadership are further showcased as the Group MD of Cresto Alliance UK, which includes training provider, Outreach Rescue. Ian is a true embodiment of Abtech Safety's commitment to safety and excellence.

Sally Love

UK Group Manager

Sally has been a dedicated member of the Abtech Safety team since 2007. With a background in sales and a diverse skill set, Sally is perfectly placed to take on overseeing the business needs of Cresto Alliance UK. Sally's impressive qualifications include a NEBOSH Award and a Tech IOSH accreditation. Her unwavering commitment to safety, combined with wide-ranging expertise, ensures our continued growth and excellence.

Danny Ramsay

Sales Director

Danny's journey with Abtech began as work experience, where his exceptional work ethic quickly marked him as a perfect fit for the company. In 2003, he officially embarked on a career dedicated to serving our customers. Renowned for going the extra mile, Danny is rarely seen without his phone, making calls and responding to emails. A frequent presence at trade shows, Danny's natural salesmanship and passion always shines through. Danny is committed to delivering value to our clients.

Andy Yates

Technical Account Manager

Andy brings a unique blend of military and firefighting experience to his role. With a background in the Royal Marines and as a retained firefighter in South Wales, Andy possesses a deep understanding of safety and rescue operations. His expertise extends to training emergency services personnel, where he played a crucial role. Known for his exceptional customer service, Andy's mission is to forge lasting client partnerships by delivering tailored safety solutions. His presence strengthens our commitment to holistic safety solutions.

Nick Roberts

Quality Manager

Abtech Safety's meticulous Quality Manager is Nick. His journey with us began in 2016 as a Sales Administrator, where his attention to detail quickly made a significant impact. Recognising his talent, Nick transitioned to his current role as Quality Manager. In 2018, he successfully completed his auditing qualification, solidifying his expertise in maintaining our compliance with the latest ISO Accreditation and PPE Regulations. Nick's remarkable organisational skills, which some may call borderline OCD, play a crucial role in keeping our warehouse and stock system running with peak efficiency. He's the guardian of our commitment to quality, ensuring that every aspect of our operations meets the highest standards.


At Abtech Safety, we take pride in our accreditations, each emblematic of our commitment to quality and compliance. ISO 9001 certification underscores our dedication to stringent quality management, ensuring excellence in every facet of our operations. Made In Britain membership signifies our allegiance to British craftsmanship and the highest industry standards. UKCA and CE markings provides reassurance that our products meet the stringent safety and compliance requirements, allowing them to thrive in the UK and EU markets. These accreditations collectively ensure our customers receive safety solutions that epitomise superior quality, regulatory compliance, and a steadfast commitment to their well-being.

ISO 9001, Made In Britain, UKCA, CE



Abtech Safety is proud to collaborate with industry organisations. Together, we help shape the future of workplace safety. Explore our network, and discover how collaboration creates a safer, healthier work environment.



Abtech Safety is part of a global network of companies providing safety and rescue solutions that go beyond compliance. Our collective passion, knowledge and commitment make us an incredible industry resource for safeguarding workers.