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Access Platform Kit

  • Single-Point Harness: A lightweight minimalistic design with complete effectiveness and peace of mind.
  • Adjustable Restraint Lanyard: Customisable to your needs, equipped with sturdy karabiners. Clip in and feel the trust.
  • Convenient Kit Bag: Everything you need can be packed in one easy-to-carry kit bag.


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Combination Kit

  • Single-Point Harness: The cornerstone of your safety. Minimalist but mighty.
  • Fall Arrest / Restraint Lanyard: Comes fully-loaded with trusty karabiners for a perfect fit.
  • Kit Bag: Our Kit Bag gathers all the essentials in one convenient spot.
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Web Fall Arrest Kit

  • Single Point Harness: Simple and straightforward, this harness has got your back—literally.
  • TORQ 2.4m Webbing Fall Arrest Retractor: Abtech's small powerhouse ensures you're always tethered, without holding you back.
  • Kit Bag: Say goodbye to frantic, last-minute searches. Everything you need is always where you left it.


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Working At Height Kit 1

  • Single Point Harness: This harness holds you steady, so you can focus on your work.
  • 2m Fall Arrest Lanyard with Scaffold Hook: Consider this your on-the-job third hand.
  • Kit Bag: Keep it all together. Our handy kit bag ensures you'll never misplace your essential gear.
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Working At Height Kit 2

  • Two-Point Soft Loop Harness: Secure and protected with a dual-attachment harness.
  • 2m Fall Arrest Lanyard with Scaffold Hook: Your safety tether, complete with a strong scaffold hook.
  • Kit Bag: No more frantic searches. Store all your sky-high essentials in one organised haven.
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Working At Height 3

  • Two-Point Harness: Harness the power of safety with not one but two sturdy attachment points.
  • 1.5m Twin Fall Arrest Lanyard: Dual lanyards connected to a single fall arrest device.
  • 2 x Scaffold Hooks: When it comes to safety, we hook you up—literally.
  • Kit Bag: Everything you need, all in one place.