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Fall Arrest Lanyard

  • Shock Absorbing Pack: Minimizes the force in case you take a tumble.
  • Custom Connectors: 2 x K10SG karabiners as standard. Alternative Connectors are available on request.
  • Tailored To You: Need something a little different? Options include up to 2m length lanyard and twin lanyard configurations.
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Twin Fall Arrest Lanyard

  • Connectors: Ships with 3 x K10SG karabiners as standard. Alternative Connectors are available on request.
  • Shock Absorber: Abtech Safety's built-in shock absorber minimizes force exerted during a fall, protecting you when it matters most.
  • Certified: Conforms to EN355 and BS EN 354 standards.
  • Length: Available in lengths up to 2m.
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Combi Lanyard

  • Dual-Mode Safety: Switch seamlessly between Fall Arrest and Restraint.
  • Shock Pack: For work scenarios when you require a Fall Arrest device.
  • Heavy Duty: It can support up to 150kg.
  • Length: Restraint Length at 1.75m and Shock Absorbing Length options of 1.25m or 1.95m.
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Fall Arrest Rope Lanyard

  • Triple-Certified: Complies with BS EN 355, BS EN 358, and BS EN 1891.
  • Shock Absorbing: Integral shock absorber springs into action when you need it the most.
  • Connectors: 1 x K10SG Karabiner & 1 x SSE/SSH Scaffold Hook included as standard.
  • Total Length: Shock-absorbing length - 1.5m.
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Twin Fall Arrest Rope Lanyard

  • Three-Way Security: Features 1 x K10SG Karabiner and 2 x SSE/SSH Scaffold Hooks.
  • Built-in Shock Absorber: The integral shock absorber drastically reduces the force exerted in a fall.
  • Always Connected: Designed so you're never unattached.
  • Certified: Meets the standards of BS EN 355, BS EN 358, and BS EN 1891.
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Cresto Energy Twin-Flex H-A

This isn't your typical fall arrest lanyard. With internal elasticity and an external absorber, the Cresto Energy Twin-Flex series is engineered for maximum security and stretch. Move freely without sacrificing safety.

  • Flexibility: Stretch the line up to 1.9 meters.
  • Double Hooks: Stay anchored while you navigate through challenging heights.
  • ANSI Certified: For hooks and carabiner—because quality matters.
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Sirocco Mini Shock

The Sirocco lanyard pushes the envelope. Its Technora® 32-braid high-strength rope resists cuts and can stand the heat, literally. The Fall Factor 2 rating and 140kg capacity mean this piece of kit always has your back.

  • Heat-Resistant: Survives up to 500°C
  • Cut-Resistant: Technora® braid ensures durability
  • High-Capacity: Rated to Fall Factor 2, supports 140kg