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EDER Power Climber

The EDER Power Climber is a high-capacity rope ascender engineered for transporting personnel and equipment vertically. This unit is powered by a robust Kawasaki engine that can be conveniently restarted at work height, thanks to the Easy-Start feature.

  • Speed: Ascend at max 0.6 m/s and descend at 0.3 m/s
  • Engine: Choose from 2 HP 4-stroke or 2.68 HP 2-stroke engines
  • Fuel: 2-stroke special fuel, 1.1 L tank volume
  • Kit: Includes 100m rope (11ø) and Rope Bag.
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D4 Descender

  • Double-Stop Device: Includes auto-lock and a non-sensitive panic brake.
  • High-Quality: Made from super-hard, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Progressive: Unique tech for controlled slow or fast descents.
  • Heavy-Duty: Rated at 240kg (529lb) without needing extra friction.
  • Technical Specs: Compatible with 10.5-11.5mm ropes, 5kN slip load, 2-person use.
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Ascender (RH)

  • Versatile Rope Compatibility: Designed for ropes between 9mm and 13mm.
  • Comfortable Grip: Ergonomically crafted for right-hand use.
  • Multi-Functional: Applicable for a range of tasks like rescue and hauling.
  • Certification: Compliant with EN567 standards for safety and performance.
  • Not Right?: The Ascender is also available for Left-Handed users. Request when ordering if required.
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Rope Grab

  • Fixed-Axle Design: Built for stability on your lanyards.
  • Technical Specs: Compatible with 10.5-13mm ropes and an anodized aluminum cam.
  • RP209 Pip Pin: Mid-line attachable option for versatile use.
  • Serial Numbering Standard: Quick, fuss-free tracking and inventory management.
  • Approved Standards: Meets EN 353-2 for your peace of mind.
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Rope Grab (Manual)

  • 16mm Rope Compatibility: Specifically designed for 16mm ropes.
  • Vertical & Horizontal Use: Versatile design for diverse applications.
  • Ideal for Sloping Surfaces: Tailored for environments where retractable lifelines may not be suitable.
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  • Mid-Line Attachable: The convenience of attaching it anywhere on your rope
  • Hands-Free Use: Self-tailing functionality for effortless up-and-down movement
  • Thumbcatch Mechanism: Park the device on the rope yet still retain movement control
  • Shock Absorber-Free: Designed to operate efficiently without a textile shock absorber