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SLIX Rollable Rescue Stretcher

SLIX100 is flexible, robust, and always ready for action. This truly versatile rescue device is designed to take on real-world challenges. SLIX is for those who respect safety and efficiency in equal measure.

  • Roll & Go: Whether you need it narrow or long, this stretcher rolls both ways to make transport a breeze.
  • Smooth Operator: No webbing underneath means zero drag. Glide across any surface without worrying about damage.
  • All Hands: Multiple strong handles allow a team effort in rescue situations, making sure you're never left in a lurch.
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SLIX Rollable Rescue Stretcher for Bariatrics

When it comes to saving lives, one size does not fit all. The SLIX100XL is a game-changer in rescue operations. Designed to offer versatility, strength, and sensitivity.

  • Heavy Duty: With a 400KG max user weight, this device is designed to carry and protect clinically obese persons.
  • Options: Ability to widen the stretcher with 200mm extensions.
  • Tough Yet Tender: The robust build provides a drag-resistant design to ensure movement with minimum effort across any surface.
  • Teamwork: Strong handles allow multiple rescuers to assist with each maneuver.
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SLIX Half Stretcher

In emergencies, every second counts. Make SLIX Half Stretcher is your rapid and relaile go-to stretcher for quick and efficient patient transport.

  • Secure Comfort: 'Arms Out' Design, Head Pocket and Groin Straps
  • Applications: Emergency Response, Search and Rescue, or Medical Transport
  • Safety: Reinforced Head End Eyelet for Added Security
  • Robust & Rapid: Low Friction Skin for Smooth Movement
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SLIX Rapid Response Stretcher

In emergency situations, every second counts. A lightweight, easy-to-handle stretcher can make all the difference.

  • Lightweight: When you need to move quickly in an emergency and your stretcher weighs less than your weekly big shop. That's SLIXRR.
  • No Snags: Drag it across floors, pull it up embankments, or slide it through narrow corridors. The low-friction skin protects your casualty and makes sure you never miss a beat.
  • Handle It: Each of the six easy-grip carry handles are user-replaceable.
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Rollable Rescue Stretcher Kit in Carry Bag

With its versatile design and thoughtful accessories, RS100 is ready for any mission you throw at it.

  • Flexible: Rollable & Highly Portable
  • User Weight: 120KG Max
  • Versatile: Multiple Transport Modes
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Basket Stretcher

  • Robust: High-Density Shell
  • Handling: Multiple Handholds & Lifting Points
  • Secure: Foot Plate for Added Protection
  • Material: Tubular Aluminum Frame