Fall Arrest Lanyards

Abtech Safety's range of Fall Arrest Lanyards are designed to help keep you safe when working at height. In the event of a fall, these lanyards work to reduce impact forces.

> Fall Arrest

Work Positioning

These our systems enable you to focus on the task at hand, be it on a platform, a wall or a pole. Combined with secure anchorage, reliable connectors, and comfortable body support, these lanyards and slings provide piece of mind by creating a safer work environment.

> Work Positioning

Restraint Lanyards

Our dependable restraint lanyards are designed to prevent falls and keep you secure when free fall distances are limited or when simplicity is key. Choose safety without the complexities of a fall arrest system.

> Restraint Lanyards

Anchor Slings

When traditional anchor points don't suffice, these anchor slings step in, creating secure access and multiple anchor points for height work and rescue operations.

> Anchor Slings

Tool Lanyards

Browse a range of tool lanyards designed to ensure that tools are safely tethered and readily accessible, enhancing workplace safety and productivity.

> Tool Lanyards