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15M Fall Arrest Winch

  • Double Duty: Safety? Check. Recovery? Check. In addition to arresting a fall, the built-in winch allows a fellow worker up-top to raise or lower you to a safer place.
  • Adaptable: Whether mounted to an T3 Tripod or Davit Arm, this device adapts, making confined space projects safer and smoother.
  • Versatile: 15m x 5mm Galvanized Steel
  • Flexible and Secure: Swivel anchor eye on top for flexibility.
  • User-Friendly: Max Recommended User Weight: 150KG
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30M Fall Arrest Winch

  • Winch It Up: The AB30RT can handle fall arrest and rescue. With its built-in winch, help can reel you in or lower you to safety.
  • Mount It Your Way: The device fits like a glove on T3 and RT3 Tripods and Tuff Davits, letting you set up however suits your job best. Vertical or horizontal, you've got options.
  • Long Reach: 30m of galvanised steel cable
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27M Personnel Winch

  • Built for Tough Spots: Designed specifically for confined space entry and retrieval. personnel-rated for all your ups and downs.
  • Two-Speed Mechanism: Ideal for confined space operations
  • Flexible Mounting: Whether you’re working with a Tripod or a Davit, our mounting brackets make setup a breeze.
  • Braking System: With a triple redundant braking mechanism, this winch offers a safety net you can count on. Plus, the inertia brake offers added protection.
  • Lift More, Stress Less: With a mechanical advantage of 9:1 / 4:1 and a whopping 204kg weight capacity, this winch can handle most jobs.
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30M Personnel Winch

  • Multi-Tasker: Beyond confined spaces, this all-rounder is also perfect for work positioning, rescue, and even material handling within the prescribed load limits.
  • Precision Meets Power: With an 11:1 mechanical advantage and an average cranking force of just 30 lbs, the 30m Personnel Winch offers control and ease of use.
  • High Weight Capacity: Up to 280kg with a double-reeved system.
  • Rapid Stop Brake: Maximum stopping distance of 24".
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45M Personnel Winch

  • Go Solo or Double-Up: A 140kg max user weight in single-reeved and 280kg in double-reeved systems means you can either go solo or bring a friend.
  • Impressive Mechanical Advantage: 11:1 ratio
  • Average Cranking Force: 30lbs (133N)
  • Superior Safety: Secondary Brake with a maximum stopping distance of just 24" (610mm)
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30M Materials Winch

  • Mechanical Advantage: 32:1 ratio
  • Efficient Gear Ratio: 5:1
  • Working Load Limit: 315kg
  • Convenient Handle Length: 11 inches
  • Mount It: Simple integration available for Tuff Davits or T3 Tripods.
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Winch Carry Bag with Wood Base

Winch devices are heavy-duty. Their carry bag should be too. This carry bag with solid base offers optimum protection.

  • Solid Base 
  • Zip Closure 
  • Internal Velcro Straps 
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Plastic Winch Box with Foam Insets

  • Protect your winch device with its very own vault of foam luxury.
  • Durable Plastic Build
  • Custom Foam Inserts
  • Perfect for Storing and Shipping