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Canvas Rope Protector

  • Material: Sturdy Canvas
  • Dimensions: Width - 54cm, Length - 70cm
  • Eyelets: Added for secure placement
  • Please Note: This is NOT classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
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Edge Roller

  • Rope Protection: Avoid rope abraision. Ropes smoothly glide through the device.
  • Modules: Batch of 4, connected with maillons
  • Extendable: Connect additional modules for customized lengths
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Ribbed Rope Protector

  • Rope Protection: Canvas provides less friction when running ropes over edges
  • Durable: Rigid plastic inserts ensure solid surfaces ensuring ropes stay in optimal condition
  • Secure: Eyelets allow the canvas to be secured to any edge
  • Dimensions: Width - 65cm, Length - 97cm