Product Details

Product Code VRS
Conformance Includes CE Products
Materials Various
Life Span 10 years
Service 12 months
Length 15m
Includes ABPOLE | CRP70 | AB200HV | AB200R | VRSBAG | RP209 | GOZ07 | LS10B | ABEXT65SH | RP700 | RP030 | K10SG | LR/11/80

Supporting Documents

Spec Sheet: Vertical Rescue System (VRS) 0.44 MB

Kit Contents

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Static Rope

  • Highly Abrasion-Resistant: Built for rugged use and long-lasting performance.
  • Very Low Stretch: Maintains shape and length under tension.
  • Maximum Strength: With a breaking strength of 34kN, it's made to hold.
  • Durable & Long-Lasting: Quality material for extended lifespan.
  • Rope Diameter: 11mm optimal size for various applications.
  • Available Lengths: Reels of 50m, 100m, and 200m or custom lengths with knotted end loops and heat shrink.
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Canvas Rope Protector

  • Material: Sturdy Canvas
  • Dimensions: Width - 54cm, Length - 70cm
  • Eyelets: Added for secure placement
  • Please Note: This is NOT classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
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Hi Vis Anchor Sling

  • Hi Vis Material: Remain visible. Stand out and be seen in any environment.
  • Connector Included: Ships with K10SG Karabiner to make your setup a breeze.
  • Choose Your Length: Available in 1.0m (AB100HV), 1.5m (AB150HV), and 2.0m (AB200HV) lengths.


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Round Sling

  • Multi-Use Design: Ideal for work positioning and also serves as a portable anchor. One lanyard, many possibilities.
  • 25mm Polyester Webbing: Built with durable material that stands up to the stresses of your workday.
  • Choose Your Length: Available in an array of sizes, from 40cm to a whopping 600cm. We can tailor this sling to your needs.
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Rope Grab

  • Fixed-Axle Design: Built for stability on your lanyards.
  • Technical Specs: Compatible with 10.5-13mm ropes and an anodized aluminum cam.
  • RP209 Pip Pin: Mid-line attachable option for versatile use.
  • Serial Numbering Standard: Quick, fuss-free tracking and inventory management.
  • Approved Standards: Meets EN 353-2 for your peace of mind.
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Oval Maillon

  • PPE Certified: Adhering to EN 362 / EN 12275.
  • Unique Traceability: Every unit comes with a laser-etched, unique number on the locking nut, making tracking individual items hassle-free.
  • Safety Reminder: Always make sure the screw barrel is fully closed during operation.
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Klettersteig Screwgate

  • Heat-Treated Alloy Steel: Crafted from high-quality, heat-treated alloy steel, ensuring extreme durability and reliability.
  • High Breaking Strain: Boasts a minimum breaking strain of a whopping 50kN.
  • Bonus Captive Pins: Optional captive pins are supplied loose, giving you even more options for a secure attachment.
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Double Pulley (Large)

  • Rope Compatibility: Designed for ropes between 10-13mm in diameter.
  • Breaking Strength: At 30kN this pulley is capable of serious lifting and lowering.
  • One-Way Bearing: Unique locking mechanism for optimal control.
  • Anodised Finish: Adds durability and a sleek look.

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