Product Details

Product Code 1137
Conformance EN 358 : 2018 | EN 361 : 2004
Materials Polyester | Aluminium | Stainless Steel | Galvanised Steel
Life Span 10 + 2 years. Product lifecycle 10 years + 2 years stock keeping
Service 12 month inspection
Sizes S/M | L/XL
Max Load 140kg
Breaking Strength 22kN

Supporting Documents

fusion-active-wind-1137-declaration-of-conformity.pdf 0.48 MB
Spec Sheet: Cresto Fusion Active Wind Harness 0.38 MB
Size Guide: Cresto Fusion Harnesses 0.21 MB
fusion-active-wind-user-manual.pdf 2.44 MB

Add Ons

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RESQ RED Pro X Original

RED PRO X is robust, intuitive, and seriously efficient. RPX provides quick and safe rescue and evacuation operations. Its user-friendly interface connects seamlessly with universal power tools for heavy lifting. Minimal training requirements allow you to save on the cost of keeping your team certified. All this rescue gear is vacuum-packed into a singular, fail-proof box.

  • Heavy Lifting: Lifts up to 140 kg over 255 meters.
  • Rainproof: Sealed brake housing to withstand wet weather conditions.
  • Tool-Friendly: Universal power tool interface to get the heavy lifting done.
product image

RESQ Smartline X

Smartline X is the world's most compact personal evacuation device that punches way above its weight. This simple-to-use device employs an Aramide line for durability and features cooling plates that ensure safe, effective performance even under intense conditions. This little lifesaver is certified and always ready for action straight from your harness.

  • Featherlight Powerhouse: Compact device that supports up to 140 kg.
  • On-the-Go: Easily attaches to your harness. Safety that moves with you.
  • Cool Under Pressure: Built-in cooling plates prevent overheating.
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Cresto Energy Twin-Flex H-A

This isn't your typical fall arrest lanyard. With internal elasticity and an external absorber, the Cresto Energy Twin-Flex series is engineered for maximum security and stretch. Move freely without sacrificing safety.

  • Flexibility: Stretch the line up to 1.9 meters.
  • Double Hooks: Stay anchored while you navigate through challenging heights.
  • ANSI Certified: For hooks and carabiner—because quality matters.

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