What it means to be part of Cresto Alliance


You might have noticed the words ‘Part of Cresto Alliance’ on the website. Today, we're talking about what this means to Abtech Safety, and what it means for workplace safety.

Abtech Safety is a key part of this alliance, providing world-class safety products and training, particularly for those working at heights. This includes workers in the construction, utilities, renewables and rescue industries. Let's take a closer look at the Cresto Alliance and why it benefits you, our valued customer.

The Importance of Workplace Safety

Every job, be it a roofer, firefighter, or wind turbine engineer, requires a keen focus on safety. It's the top priority. Abtech Safety understands this. That's why we are part of an alliance that brings together industry-leading companies to craft better safety solutions tailored to your needs.

Expert Training

Being part of Cresto Alliance is not only about pooling expert knowledge. It's about using that knowledge to create world-class training courses. These courses cover everything from basic safety rules to advanced rescue training and medical education. Our aim? To give you the confidence to handle any situation.

Top Quality Safety Solutions

Cresto Alliance includes companies at the forefront of safety and rescue solutions. Being part of this allows Abtech Safety to access more resources, technology, and research. The result? The most advanced safety products and rescue solutions in the market.

We're committed to making your workplace safer. We provide a wide range of safety equipment that meets industry standards, including harnesses, fall arrest systems, and specialised rescue equipment. We know that these high-quality safety products can save lives, and we're dedicated to going above and beyond in this mission.

The Power of Teamwork

At Cresto Alliance, we believe in collaboration. By working together, sharing best practices, and pushing boundaries, we can offer a seamless and integrated experience.

When you choose Abtech Safety, you enjoy the benefits of the entire Cresto Alliance. That means a wide range of safety solutions, training programs, and support services from a single, trusted supplier. This approach saves you time and resources, letting you focus on what's important - safe and efficient work.


A world map pinpointing the locations of Cresto Alliance companies around Europe and the USA


Cresto Alliance delivers world-class workplace safety solutions and training.

Being part of Cresto Alliance empowers us to deliver exceptional workplace safety solutions and training courses. Working with industry leaders ensures you have access to the best safety products and cutting-edge training. We are dedicated to your safety and are striving to make sure rescue workers and those who work at heights can do so with confidence.

Safety has always been our #1 priority at Abtech Safety, and by working alongside like-minded companies, we can make a big difference!



  • Cresto Alliance includes leading companies offering height safety and rescue solutions.
  • Our training covers everything from basic safety rules to advanced rescue procedures.
  • We provide a range of safety products that meet industry standards, such as harnesses, tripods and fall arrest systems.
  • Being part of Cresto Alliance means having access to a wide range of safety solutions from industry leaders.