Abtech Safety Completes Strategic Merger with Safety Technology and Launch of STL Tech Product Line


In a positive move that promises to streamline our delivery of workplace safety and training, Abtech Safety Ltd is excited to announce its recent merger with Safety Technology Ltd, a pioneer in the field of rescue and evacuation training in the UK Wind industry. This merger is a strategic step towards enhancing our product offerings, expanding our reach, and delivering value to our clients across the utilities sector and beyond.

A United Front for Enhanced Safety and Innovation

The merging of Abtech Safety and Safety Technology is not just a fusion of two companies but a blend of expertise, innovation, and a shared commitment to elevating safety standards in workplaces around the globe. By bringing together our strengths, we are poised to offer a more comprehensive suite of GWO-certified training, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and safety solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries we serve.

Product Brand for Abtech SafetyIntroducing 'STL Tech': A New Brand of Safety Solutions

In conjunction with this merger, we are thrilled to unveil STL Tech, a new product brand that embodies the legacy and prowess of Safety Technology. STL Tech will feature an array of products that have been trusted by professionals in the field of utilities, now enhanced by our combined expertise. This brand launch marks a significant milestone in our journey, as we continue to lead the charge in the provision of top-tier safety equipment.

GWO Training in Raglan Provided by Outreach Rescue

We're pleased to announce that Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training programs will continue to operate from the training facility in Raglan, Monmouthshire, now delivered by Outreach Rescue. The dedicated team of trainers, known for their expertise and commitment to safety, remains at the helm, ensuring the same high standards of education and training that delegates have come to expect. By maintaining our base at Raglan and retaining our seasoned team of trainers, we will continue to deliver exceptional training, fostering a culture of safety and excellence across the utilities sector and beyond.

A Future Built on Safety, Quality, and Training

This merger represents a pivotal moment for us, our partners, and the industries we serve. With a reinforced commitment to deliver excellent services and quality customer service, we are more equipped than ever to address the challenges and opportunities of workplace safety. We look forward to building a safer future together, backed by the strength and expertise of our united team.

Thank you to our clients, partners, and the dedicated teams at Abtech Safety and Safety Technology for making this vision a reality. Here's to a future where safety and innovation go hand in hand.