SLIX50 Stretcher combined with Spinal Splint

The Slix50 has been designed for difficult confined spaces. The articulated skirt at the bottom of the stretcher can be removed. When in place it provides protection for the upper legs and allows a degree of bending for tight spaces.

Hauling points are located on the top and sides of the stretcher for maneuverability. The side hauling points will hold the stretcher in a semi horizontal position.

The integral spinal splint with head block ensures the casualty is immobilized during transport.

The SLIX50 is an ‘arms out’ stretcher.

This should be taken into consideration when moving an unconscious patient

Product Code:

CE 93/42/EEC CLASS 1

Max Recommended User Weight:

Maximum Dimensions (laid flat):
Width 88cm

Length 105cm (excluding skirt)

Stretcher: Low Density Polyethylene
Webbing: Polyester
Buckles: Stainless Steel

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