Managing Director - Ian Jones

Ian founded Abtech Safety in 1991, having spent a number of years in the safety industry. He has extensive knowledge of Category III PPE and chairs the Work At Height Safety Association (WAHSA). Ian also sits on the PH/5 Committee, who represent the British Standards input into the European Standards (EN). In addition to Abtech Safety, Ian owns Outreach Rescue, who specialise in Technical Rescue and Industrial Training; and also ORMS, who specialise in Medical Training up to Paramedic level. 

Financial Director - Rob Ramsay

Rob started with Abtech in 1993. Having a background in mechanics, Rob initially started servicing and assembling fall arrest devices. After discovering his frugal ways, he was promoted to handle the companies finances. Rob now handles all the accounts within the Group.

Sales Director - Danny Ramsay

Danny first came to Abtech on work experience. It was quickly discovered his work ethics were perfect for a career at Abtech and in 2003; he joined the team full time. After a few years on the Sales desk, Danny was out on the road getting new business and making sure customers are happy. He always strives to go the extra mile and is rarely away from his phone and emails. Danny frequents many of the trade shows and you will usually see him on stands selling anything he can, even if its not for Abtech – a born salesman.

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Marketing Director - Sally Love

Like Danny, Sally was first brought into Abtech via a work experience placement. Sally became a full time member of the team in 2007. Having spent a number of years on the Sales desk, Sally is now handling the marketing side of the company. Her bossy persona also ensures the smooth day-to-day challenges of Abtech. Sally holds qualifications in Graphic Design, Photography and a NEBOSH qualification.

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Quality Manager - Nick Roberts

Nick joined the team in 2016 as a Sales Administrator. He has a keen eye for detail and found his forte within the company as Quality Manager. In 2018, Nick completed his auditing qualification and now ensures all our procedures fall in line with the latest ISO Accreditation and PPE Regulations. His organisation skills, which border on OCD, keep the warehouse and stock system operating efficiently.

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Sales Administrator - SOPHIE GILRUTH

Sophie joined Abtech in 2014 in our servicing department, having a background in mechanical engineering. In 2019, Sophie was keen for more of an office based role and has taken on the job of Sales Administrator. Sophie is your point of contact for orders, quotes and general enquiries, but her ‘name amnesia’, means you may have to mention your name more than once.

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Servicing & ProductioN

These gents not only ensure that goods go out the door, but also provide servicing for our product range. Working in the warehouse, servicing and assembly rooms, they have a range of skills. Their conversation topics are always worth a listen, from relationship advice, to what you would do with Thirty Grand!


Alison joined Abtech in 2003. Alison is a highly skilled machinist and after a number of years sewing, she is now running production at our facility in Lancashire. Alison is also involved in product development.


Linda joined Abtech in 2003 as a sewing machinist. Linda works alongside Alison day-to-day ensuring the smooth operation of our factory.


Antony started at Abtech in 2008 picking and packing at our factory. Antony has a multitude of jobs at our factory, including stock control and the production of our Slix Stretcher range and rope systems. Antony has been trained as a Rope Rescue Technician.


This group of ladies ensure all of our soft goods are made to the highest standards. They all have an extensive history as Sewing Machinists and create a lively environment at our factory.