As standard, our Restraint Lanyards come complete with Karabiners each end. For other variants, please use the following codes:

SL - Soft Loops
SH - Snap Scaffold Hooks
SC - Pear Shaped Scaffold Hooks
D - Delta Mallion


e.g ABRST100SH is a 1m Restraint Lanayrd
c/w a Snap Scaffold Hook and Karabiner

Restraint Lanyard

We manufacture Restraint Lanyards in a full range of lengths.

These lanyards are designed to restrict the users movements, to prevent access to an area where a fall may occcur.

Adjustable Restraint Lanyards and other lengths and connectors are available to order

Product code:

Certified to EN358, EN354

Max Recommended User Weight:

Stock Sizes:
ABRST30 - 30cm
ABRST50 - 50cm
ABRST100 - 1m
ABRST150 - 1.5m
ABRST200 - 2m
ABRSTADJ - Adjustable

The maximum lifespan of the product is 10 years from the recorded first use. The type of use and the conditions will affect the lifespan of a product.

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