The TUFF-STEP offers a stable, adjustable, portable step. The lightweight design means it can be easily transported. Numerous steps can be added for the desired length. The TUFF-STEP can be used on almost any surface. The 20mm spikes grip into difficult surfaces such as grass embankments, which would normally require rope attachment to manoeuvre up and down. The TUFF-STEP can be used as a ladder by attaching a stringer base. The angle of the TUFF-STEP is easily adjusted and can be set to ten different degrees of steepness. Optional handrails are available at the required length. Carry bags are also available.


Single step collapsed - 410mm x 460mm x 90mm
Stepping plate - 390mm x 250mm
Double stepping plate - 780mm x 250mm
Spikes - 20mm
Single Weight - 2.5kg(each)
Double Weight - 3.3kg(each)
Max load per step - 250kg

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