HONOROPE-T - Horizontal lifeline
HONOROPE-T - Horizontal lifeline

HONOROPE-T - Horizontal lifeline


A simple and quick to install temporary horizontal rope system. The HONOROPE-T gives up to 5 users a safe temporary anchor system up to 25 meters in length. May be used in combination with lanyards or fall arrest blocks.

HONOROPE-T components are: 1) special developed 25 meter long, very flexible, kernmantel rope, eyelet on one side through HoPress®, 2) Stainless Steel Rope Vice Tensioner for rapid installing, 3) two pear shaped Scaffold Hooks (quicklock), 4) optional pulley block (for Fall Arrest Block) and bag to complete the kit.

Technical specs:

Max. span: 25 meters
Max. 5 users/system
Maximum end loads 7,7 kN.
Rope: 16 mm kernmantel, static (art.no: R010.330.004)
Eyelet in rope (1x): HoPress 16 mm (art.nr: R010.330.007)
RVT (1x), SS, 16 mm (art.nr: R010.330.007)
Scaffold hook (2x), quicklock, type C734 (art.nr: R024.001.005)
According: EN-795 class C

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