ABBAG - Kit Bags
ABBAG - Kit Bags

ABBAG - Kit Bags


We offer a range of kit bags.

Our basic kit bag - ABBAG is suitable for carrying a users harness and lanyard.


The more robust rope bags we manuafacture are to suit 50m to 200m of rope.

Features include:

An eylet in the base lets any wet rope drain.

A loop sewn inside the top of the bag ensures a rope system stored, can be easily lifted out and used.

Adjustable shoulder straps.

ABSRBAG -Small Rope Bag - 50m Rope

ABMRBAG - Medium Rope Bag - 100m Rope

ABLRBAG - Large Rope Bag - 150m Rope

ABXLRBAG - Extra Large Rope Bag - 200m Rope

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