Detailed Inspection of Winches

The winch Detailed Inspection interval has been changed by manufacturers.

According to The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, it is the prerogative of the manufacturer to set the inspection and service interval.

Capital Safety man riding winches and Tuff Built man riding winches must undergo a Detailed Inspection by a competent person every 12 months. A Detailed Inspection may include disassembly of the winch to ensure that all components are sound and functional.

This means that your winch should be returned to Abtech Safety Ltd every 12 months instead of the previous interval of 6 months, unless an Interim Inspection is required. An Interim Inspection is additional to detailed inspections. Interim Inspections will be required where the employers risk assessment has identified a risk that could result in significant deterioration, affecting the integrity of the equipment before the next detailed inspection is due. The need for and frequency of interim inspections will depend on the use and environment.

Pre-Use checks should still be carried out each time, before the product is used. Pre-Use checks should be tactile and visual and where appropriate, functions. The whole item should be subject to the check. A visual check should be undertaken in good light and will normally take a few minutes.

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